Campaign Strategy

Educate, Organize, and Protect

IRT’s proactive approach:

  • Build a Global Coalition
  • Implement strict laws and regulations
  • Mainstream the message

Build a Global Coalition

IRT acts as a “field catalyst” and collaboration hub, recruiting and enlisting groups and leaders. We will craft our outreach to make it simple for organizations to add protecting nature’s gene pool to their existing agendas, with assets they can use for their websites, emails, newsletters, social media, etc.

We will work closely with many groups, campaigns, and demographics, including the climate movement, environmental causes, animal rights, indigenous wisdom, religious and spiritual organizations, nature lovers, health enthusiasts and practitioners, and others.

Implement Strict Laws and Regulations

IRT has assembled a legal team to draft model bills that can be introduced at local, state, national, and international levels. The goals are to prevent the release of GE microbes, assign strict liability, and abolish the genetic engineering and enhancement of potentially pandemic pathogens.

Activists are provided tools to support passage of the model bills and to use the campaign to educate the public. They are also trained in relevant laws, so they are confident in their legal rights and key arguments.

In addition to our focus on U.S. jurisdictions, we will work with our legal team, NGOs, and other stakeholders to create international frameworks and policies. We also plan to open an office in Brussels.

Developing a European legal strategy is critical because the E.U. is already engaged in their regulatory planning process for GE organisms. Their regulations tend to have a strong impact on policies on other continents. Assigning strict liability for GE microbes release can also suppress releases in the U.S.

Our campaign’s Call to Action is:

  • Prevent the release of GE microbes.

  • Implement appropriate safeguards at all facilities using GE microbes.

  • Assign strict liability costs should any release occur.

  • Abolish the genetic engineering of potentially pandemic pathogens.

Mainstream the Message

We realize that implementing appropriate government policies is not enough. Future administrations can reverse course and regulators can be manipulated by special interests. Our success will only be secure if we instill a sense of urgency and priority into the collective consciousness.

We have engaged marketing experts to help us reach and inspire a wider audience with messaging that appeals to a variety of demographics and learning styles.

We will mobilize celebrity endorsements, social media, and traditional media, create documentary films and TV shows, and produce school curriculum. All of which will embed our message into the cultural fabric.

Launching our Film Don’t Let the Gene out of the Bottle

Our short film Don’t Let the Gene Out of the Bottle is a powerful tool to convey the seriousness of permanently corrupting and replacing nature’s gene pool. It presents real world examples of GMOs that have the capacity to cause catastrophes. There is a form of GE bacteria that could theoretically end terrestrial plant life, another variety that could alter weather patterns, and (in the final version) a lab enhanced GE virus that is far more dangerous than COVID-19.

Don’t Let the Gene Out of the Bottle inspires powerful emotions and a desire to take action. It will serve as a focal point for coalition building, public education, and recruitment of advocates. A substantial number of organizations will participate in a coordinated launch so that we will reach a wide viewership. The film’s call to action will bring people to our site, where they can sign up to receive additional education and advocacy training.

This will launch our initial grassroots actions to pass laws and resolutions at the local and state levels and to use these campaigns to educate the public and media about this issue.