Biotech Advocates Misrepresent Gene Editing as Safe

When genetically engineered crops were first introduced, biotech advocates portrayed the technology as precise, safe and predictable. They also claimed that genetic engineering was just an extension of natural breeding.

They were proven wrong on all points.

In contrast to being precise and predictable, the technology’s single most common result was surprise side effects. Numerous health and environmental impacts from GMOs have been identified, and experts have long since exposed the lie that GMOs are natural.

Now the industry is pushing gene editing. And surprise! They’re claiming it’s precise, safe, predictable, and natural. Furthermore, scientists who use the technology almost never do the follow up studies to sequence the genome and verify that experiment produced the desired result.

Fortunately, a few scientists have actually done the basic sequencing and research, which exposes gene editing as clearly unreliable and potentially dangerous. If the industry were not actively skewing the debate, their research papers would have sounded the alarm and resulted in new regulatory safety policies and procedures. Instead, most scientists and regulators continue to echo the false safety claims manufactured by the industry.


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