Gene Drives Can Alter or Wipe Out Entire Species

One extreme use of gene editing is called gene drives, which are designed to pass on a genetic trait to all offspring, and all their future generations. Scientists are proposing the use of gene drives to wipe out unwanted species. In addition to their unprecedented capacity to disrupt entire ecosystems, gene drives could also pass on uncontainable and unforeseen side effects.

Did you know that the genetically modified soy fields in places like Argentina have been stripped of biodiversity?

The crops are engineered to be sprayed with Roundup, which kills off all other plants and destroys beneficial soil organisms. Visitors to these soy fields are shocked to see miles and miles without insects, birds, or any biodiversity.

The Roundup sprayed on genetically engineered Roundup Ready soy and cornfields in the US destroyed the milkweed, which feed young monarch butterflies. The population of these beautiful creatures has dwindled to a fraction of what it was, and may push them to extinction.


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