RNA Interference Can Reprogram Gene Expression

Small pieces of RNA can silence or alter the activity of specific genes. The food and pesticides created from such RNA sequences has the capacity to impact the health of humans and other species.

Did you know that there is a genetically engineered apple and potato designed not to turn brown when sliced?

Experts are shocked that these were ever allowed because the same little molecules of RNA that silence the browning gene in the apple and potato might also silence our own genes. That’s right. GMO companies are risking the healthy functioning of our genes so they can sell apples and potatoes that don’t show their bruises. The chief scientist who created the potato later studied the dangers and was horrified at what he had done. He wrote a book and described his invention as “The worst GMOs.”

Scientists are now developing ways to spray gene-silencing RNA onto crop fields to change the gene expression of the plants. But what if the spray gets on insects? Or birds? Or soil microorganisms? Or us?


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