Unregulated Genetically Engineered (GE) Microbes Pose an Existential Threat to the Environment and Human Health

The time to control them is BEFORE the release, and that is the ONLY time. Add your name to our call for meaningful regulation of this technology

We call on all governments, businesses, and scientists to stop the release of genetically engineered (GE) microbes and viruses and to prevent genetically engineered enhancements of dangerous potentially pandemic pathogens.

Part of this effort will require an increase in security in facilities creating or using GE microbes and assignment of strict liability in case of release — on purpose or by accident.



The release of genetically engineered (GE) microbes into the environment (deliberate or otherwise) is a direct threat right now to you and your family because it can elicit long-term, large-scale, and potentially irreversible changes to the environment, communities, and ecosystems. The current regulatory framework is wholly inadequate and outdated, lagging far behind the technology and the threat it brings.

In most countries, genetically engineered microbes can be released without meaningful government oversight. And despite the pandemic, scientists around the world continue to engineer pathogens that could prove devastating if they escaped.

It’s high time we learn our lessons and ACT NOW with the appropriate safeguards to prevent a disaster.

But here’s the good news.
It’s not too late and a solution is at hand.

With this new technology comes a new responsibility for humanity. Updated laws and informed policies can help protect us from the intentional release of engineered microbes as well as from any accidental release from facilities using and storing these microbes and pathogens.

The pandemic woke people up to the potential dangers of microbes and viruses–at the same time that genetic engineering became so cheap and easy (through gene editing) that virtually, anyone can genetically engineer and release microbes.

There has never been a better time to rally people and governments to safeguard our planet from potential catastrophes caused by engineered microorganisms.

The threat is real and it is already happening.
Help create the solution.

Please join us in this global endeavor. It’s easy – just sign your name to send a strong message to the US Administration, EU Parliament, European Commission, and key decision-makers around the world.

Our Call to Action:

  • Cease genetic engineered enhancement of potentially pandemic pathogens
  • Prevent the release of all GE microbes
  • Implement appropriate safeguards at all facilities using GE microbes
  • Assign strict liability costs should any release occur

Now is the opportunity to protect our precious ecosystem, to protect humanity, and to protect all future generations.

Rise to the challenge and be a part of this global movement before it is too late.

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