About the Protect Nature Now Campaign

Protect Nature Now is a global movement addressing the dangers of genetically engineered microbes. This new generation of GMOs can create unstoppable chain reactions in nature. They can alter or wipe out entire species and replace entire ecosystems.

Governments and civil society stand unaware and thereby unprepared to manage this threat.

The Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT) is on a mission to change that. IRT spearheads the global campaign to answer the emerging danger.

IRT pioneered the messaging about the health and environmental dangers of GMOs. This strategy inspired wide-scale consumer rejection of GMOs. Food companies in turn replaced GMO ingredients making non-GMO alternatives available worldwide. The market reached a tipping point. But consumer choices alone cannot solve the new threat posed by gene editing.

Protect Nature Now thus takes a more holistic approach. Please scroll down to learn more about this campaign and how you can help.

The mission of Protect Nature Now is to raise public awareness, generate political urgency around regulations, and build global opposition to the release of genetically modified microbes. Our efforts will lead to a moratorium on this work, comprehensive risk analysis, and binding international policies to protect nature’s gene pool.

Protect Nature Now’s proactive approach:

  • Build a Global Coalition
  • Implement strict laws and regulations
  • Mainstream the message

Protect Nature Now Unfolds in Four Phases

  • Phase I – Foundation Building
  • Phase II – Launch and Advocate Activation
  • Phase III – High Impact
  • Phase IV – Sustain, Monitor & Expand

To learn more about our Protect Nature Now strategy click here

GMO 2.0

GMO 2.0 refers to the new genetic modification techniques that allow corporations to create GMOs more cheaply, easily, and quickly than ever before. They can tamper with nature by editing genes, changing species and creating entirely new DNA sequences. The results of these risky and unregulated processes are wildly unpredictable.

Creating a Global Focus on GE Microbes

Our initial focus will be on genetically engineered (GE) microbes, which present the most immediate danger. These small organisms can rapidly cross borders and encircle the globe. Countries spend fortunes trying to remedy the introduction of invasive species, but once GE microbes are released, no policy can stop them.

We will build an unprecedented world-wide coalition to raise public awareness and generate political urgency around regulations.

Our campaign’s Call to Action is:

  • Prevent the release of GE microbes.
  • Implement appropriate safeguards at all facilities using GE microbes.
  • Assign strict liability costs should any release occur.
  • Abolish the genetic engineering of potentially pandemic pathogens.

Once we have implemented appropriate remedies, we will expand to encompass all of nature’s gene pool. And we stand ready to address emerging threats as they may arise.

Launching our film Don’t Let the Gene out of the Bottle

Our short film, Don’t Let the Gene Out of the Bottle explains how genetically engineered microbes carry unprecedented and serious global consequences. This short film will launch our initial grassroots actions to pass laws and resolutions at the local and state levels and to use these campaigns to educate the public and media about this issue.


Releasing GMOs into the environment forces all future generations to inherit our mistakes. We simply don’t understand enough at this time to take such a gamble. Let’s not irreversibly replace our ecosystem in this generation with accident-prone laboratory creations.

Let’s Protect Nature Now.

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