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The release of genetically engineered (GE) microbes into the environment whether deliberate or not, has the ability to elicit long term, large scale and potentially irreversible changes into the environment, communities, and ecosystems. This has triggered concerns regarding appropriate provisions for the containment of these organisms and appropriate regulatory oversight and governance.

National regulations will not suffice to cover the specific challenges GE microbes present for the assessment of environmental and human health risks. The potential spread and transboundary movement of GE microbes across national borders and their potential impact on different communities poses novel governance issues, which cannot be covered by current provisions. Ethical and societal considerations need to be addressed even before GE microbes are being developed in laboratories.

Civil society and governments stand largely unaware and wholly unprepared to manage this threat of genetically altering the natural world on a massive scale.

IRT is creating a global campaign to alert, recruit, and empower organizations, leaders, and individuals around the world to answer this emerging danger. We call this campaign Protect Nature Now.

Creating a Global Focus on GE Microbes

Our initial focus will be on genetically engineered (GE) microbes, which present the most immediate danger. These small organisms can rapidly cross borders and encircle the globe. Countries spend fortunes trying to remedy the introduction of invasive species, but once GE microbes are released, no policy can stop them.

We will build an unprecedented world-wide coalition to raise public awareness and generate political urgency around regulations. Our campaign’s Call to Action is:

  • Prevent the release of GE microbes.
  • Implement appropriate safeguards at all facilities using GE microbes.
  • Assign strict liability costs should any release occur.
  • Abolish the genetic engineering of potentially pandemic pathogens.

Once we have implemented appropriate remedies, we will expand to encompass all of nature’s gene pool. And we stand ready to address emerging threats as they may arise.

Supporters empower Protect Nature Now message and call to action via their mailing lists, websites, social networks, and member communications.

Participation is open to any organization, including institutions, NGOs, non-profit organizations, community-based organizations, as well as private, international, and intergovernmental organizations such as professional societies, universities, scientists, and corporations/businesses.

The threat of the replacement of nature is so all-encompassing, many different types of demographics can be engaged, including parents, religions, indigenous communities, nature enthusiasts, gardeners, birdwatchers, animal rights groups, scientists, companies in tourism, and of course the youth.

As a coalition supporter, you become part of the global movement and align your voice and power with like-minded organizations to call for the national and international prioritization of genetically engineered microbes in the jurisdiction.

Change can only come from a united global movement.

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